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At the Dubai Exhibition in October 2023, the EIBOARD brand showed its innovation and was widely praised!

The 2023 Gess Exhibition held in Dubai from October 30th to November 1st has come to a successful conclusion. In this exhibition, our company “Shenzhen Fangcheng Tech Co., Ltd.”(Brand:EIBOARD) demonstrated a series of innovative educational technologies and solutions.

Such as LED interactive touch screen, Conference smart blackboard, Capacitive touch screen, LED recordable smart blackboard.and so on.The first is the latest product EIBOARD LED recordable smart whiteboard v5.0.The upgraded version uses a 2-frame frameless design to enhance the user experience, meet the needs of modern classrooms, and raise classroom interaction to a new level.It has two recordable modes, which provide a convenient choice for teachers and students.Memory recording mode allows users to save and view their work later, while direct mirror mode supports real-time sharing and collaboration.These functions achieve seamless communication and interaction and promote a dynamic learning environment.